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Peut être connaissez vous la célèbre pub "I am Canadian" de Molson (cliquez sur ce lien) et dont vous pourrez trouvez les paroles en suivant ce lien.

Maybe you know this famous commercial "I am Canadian" by Molson (click on this link). You can find the lyrics here.


Maintenant que vous connaissez cette célèbre pub (très célèbre au Canada), vous devez en connaitre la parodie: "I am not Canadian". Pour là vidéo, c'est par ici, et pour les paroles, c'est par là.

Now that you know it, you need to know the parody: "I am not Canadian". For the video, it's here, and the lyrics, here.


Et maintenant, je vous dois de vous faire partager deux reprises faites par des étudiants d'Aspect Toronto, un mexician, et un français. Désolé pour ceux qui ne parle pas bien anglais... Merci à Filipe pour me les avoir envoyés

So now, I share with you the mexican and french one, wrote by a mexican and french student at Aspect Toronto. Thanks to Filipe for sent me them.



Que onda wey! We are not wetbacks, or cowboys, or spicy people. We dont live surrounded be cactu. We dont wear sombreros or braids, And we dont know who is Juan, Pancho or Maria. But I'm sure they are living the american dream in the USA. We speak spanish, not spanglish or mexican. And we pronounce YES, not JEZ. We dont drink just corona, we also drink tequila. And our diet is not based on beans and tortillas We eat tacos too! Salsa and merengue are not mexican, though we dance them too. We can proudly wave our countryes flag everytime we listen to macriachi. And we believe everything is better if we do tomorow. Mexico is the only Latin country is the North america, the first nation to follow the Usa. And the last one in sport competitions. My name is Pepe and i am Mexican



Salut!... I'm not a romantic guy, or a snobby one. I don't live in a chateau, or eat fancy dishes all the time. Or wear clothes designed by Christian Dior, or Yves Laurent. And I don't know Paul, Pierre, Jean from France, although I am certain they are really, really well educated. I have a President and a Prime MInister. i speak French and thats enough!! I believe in love at first sight...second sight, and third as well!!! And my girlfriend does shave her armpits!!! I can proudly fly my country's flag out of my car (Renault) I don't have a car though. In france, the transportation systems are reliable!! And it's pronounced Emilien, not Imilien... France is the first nation of love, the one that created human rights. My name is George, AND I AM NOT AMERICAN!

Si vous en avez d'autres, ou si vous voulez créer la votre, n'hésitez pas à la faire partager ;)

If you know others, or if you creat your own, do not hesitat to share it ;)

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