French presidential election: in your country too

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You can be everywhere in the world, you can vote for the french election (if you're a french citizen, of course).


It's possible to find a polling station in 156 countries around the world, to Afghanistan from Zimbabwe.


821.600 french citizens around the world can vote in a other country than France for the presidential election. Twice more than the last election in 2002.


In the America continent (South and North), they are 175.000, 74.000 of whom live in USA, and 46.000 in Canada.

In South America, they are also:

12.000 in Argentina

10.793 in Brasil

10.788 in Mexico

6.273 in Chili

2.309 in Colombia

less than 2.000 in Uruguay

1.816 in Peru

574 in Chili


I will try to find more facts about the french people in a foreign country, and the presidential election ;)

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@tom 09/07/2007 04:55

Intéressant ça. Cela veut dire qu'en proportion, ll y a beaucoup plus de Français au Chili que dans n'importe quel autre pays d'Amérique latine. Pas étonnant, en même temps