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Aspects' sentences



"English pleaaaaaaaase"



"Come ooooooon"



"Don't worry, be happy"



"Fuck fuck fuck"



"Come on, don't be shy"



"How can I learn English if everybody want to learn French ?"



"RomAn, RomAn.....RomAntic"



"Where is Yalit ?"



"-Salut, vieux

-Привет   (Priviet)

-Comment ça va ?

- как дела ? (kak dila)"



"And the rooster was coock-a-doodleding every morning"






"Uno, dos, tres.....Uno, dos, tres......Uno, dos, tres....BURO"






"Ne me quitte pâââââ me quitte pâââââs"



"Sponsorisé par MacDonald"



"Koso omok"



"Crazy, Latin people, crazy, ....always wanting to make party"



"C'était mooooonstre cool"



"I think you look like Harry Potter"



"-Salut, je te présente Julien, il est suisse !

- ..."



"-Hi, how are you ?

-I don't know"






Teacher:"How do you say  "vegetable" in spanish.........and in arabic.....?" 

"Let's read page nr. page page 233...etc.."
(from Chang, about the same teacher)


"When I write something on the board, it's always true.  But when i just say something......"


"Loco loco"


"Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?"


"-What's mean "virgin" ?

- ...

- ...

- It's.....Oh, how can I explain that ?.....

- Unfuck !"





"Hijo de puta" 
(from Isa)

"What is your hobby ?"
Japanese student: "Sleeping !"
Junchu: "Taking showers"
(from Chang)



Canada sentences



"-Morning RomAn

-Morning Leah"








-We will laugh, but....who am I calling ?"




-Hi, Can I talk to Kelly please ?

-Sorry, but she is not here...

-Ok, thanks, bye.."


  Chang homestay mother: And does it mean something special, a chinese symbol ?
Chang:'s just a Hello Kitty



If you have some Aspects' sentences, or from Canada, send me them.

Thanks ;)

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